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The idea of India cannot be captured in a few lines. How does one communicate the beauty of lantern lit villages, frentic bazaars, unrelenting spiritual hooks, age old myths, weathered temples propped on top of hills and the sheer magic of nature at every bend on the road? How does one measure the pervasiveness of thousands of years old Ayurveda and Yoga practices in daily lives? And how does one coalesce this with the luxurious modern living replete with comforts and unimaginable hospitality?

At Coco Lagoon, this is the story that we want to tell. The story of India. Where guests from all around the world can look beyond grand vestiges in words and feel the formidable array of experiences that makes this country. With the roots of the founders deeply entrenched in the soul stirring environs of Pollachi, Coco Lagoon is their way of opening out an untreated land to the atithii (guest) and for them to live the ‘Indian’ life in its collective.

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