This is where the paradisiacal images of green hillsides draped in neatly lined tea bushes, coconut trees stretching towards the blue sky and the air thick with rustic charm converge into making vivid memories.

Derived from the Tamil expression, ‘PozhilVaichi’ or ‘land of prosperity’, Pollachi lies on the cusp of the Annamalai hills and the plains of Coimbatore. Dominated by a rich cultural, religious and natural lineage, the destination is sure to delight travellers with diverse sensibilities. Fringed by lush green plantations and inimitable serenity, Pollachi exudes a wondrous appeal.

The charm of discovering ancient temples, walking through the million shades of green that surround coconut and banana plantations and being a roar away from the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary never withers away. Sway to the rhythm of simple village life and lose yourself to the luxury of nature’s marvels.

Around Pollachi