Meet the Doctor

Dr. David K Ranjit, born and raised in Thrissur Kerala, has worked his entire life to understand the intricacies attached with Ayurveda. After successfully completing his education in Ayurveda, Dr. Ranjit worked with world acclaimed practitioners of his trade all across the country as well as the world. Although he does believe in a connection between science and Ayurveda, he does agree that there is no compromising on the rules set by the ancient texts and sages. The Doctor applies Ayurveda to modern lifestyles with complete ease.

Guests’ interactions with him start at a pre booking stage, so that he can decide the treatment as well as time required to draw up a tentative scheme of things! All diet and lifestyle alterations as well as medications are available at the resort itself, and could take anything between a week to a month, or more.

On reaching the resort, a detailed consultation will take place, which is likely to include lifestyle habits, medical history, as well as physical checkups to ensure that a schedule can be detailed for the guest. Dr. Ranjit is available on campus throughout the day, and is always happy to meet guests and engage with them, enlightening them about the history, philosophy, and other nuances of Ayurveda.


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