Both curative and wellness programs are personally overlooked by the resident doctor at Vaidya Sutras. Depending on the need of the guest, a menu of treatments, detailed nourishment plan and yoga schedule is created for each individual. Curative programs address over fifteen ailments with comprehensive schedules that cover stress, back pain, skin diseases, urinary disorders, gynecological disorders, arthritic problems, respiratory disorder, hypertension cervical spondylitis, migraine, Panchakarma detox and weight loss.

These entail a program for 7 days and more. The wellness program is adopted by short stay guests who ask for holistic healthcare apart from yoga and meditation, healthier hair and eyesight, facial beautification, post delivery care, muscle strengthening, nerve strengthening and total rejuvenation.


1.Kesha Rakshakaram: Programme for Healthier Hair.

2.Nethra Raksha: Programme for Healthier Eyes.

3.Mukhakanti Vardhanam: Facial Beautification Programme

4.Prasoothi Rakshanam: Programme for Post Delivery Care

5.Balya Chikitsa: Muscle Strengthening Programme

6.Naadee Saaktheekaranam: Nerve StrengtheneingProgramme

7.Rasayana Chikitsa: Total Rejuvenation Package

8.Vaidya Sutras Samagra Arogya Paripalanam: Vaidya Sutras Signature Holistic Healthcare


1.Mana Prasadanam: Stress Management Programme

2.Sthaulya Chikitsa: Weight Loss Programme / Management of Obesity

3.Deha SodhanakaraPanchakarmam: Panchakarma’ Detox Treatment

4.Sirasshoola Prashamanam: Migraine / Sinusitis Treatment

5.Greeva ShoolaNaashanam: Management of Cervical Spondylitis / Spondylosis

6.Prushta ShoolaNivaranam: Back pain Management / Slip Disc Management

7.Swasa RogaChikitsa: Management of Respiratory Disorders

8.Rakthadimardda Chikitsa: Management of Hypertension (High BP)

9.Prameha Chikitsa: Diabetes Management

10.Nadee RogaSamshamanam: Management of Neurological Disorders / Paralysis

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