At Coco Lagoon the Yoga program was introduced to become a part of our guests’ journey to achieving and maintaining long-lasting improvements to their health. Any successful life starts with inner peace and inner confidence. Using yoga and the right kind of diet one can quickly transform their body and mind resulting in a healthy, calm and confident person.

Existing practitioners have already experienced the benefit that yoga can bring and for newcomers we bring to you yoga in the most calm and natural environment with experienced teachers to help you make your every step rewarding and enjoyable. Coco Lagoon’s teachers will be there to guide you on this personal and life-changing journey.

Relaxation, deep rest and re-connection are key on this retreat. The daily schedule has been carefully thought through so you can truly kick back and be looked after by the warm, friendly yet professional team. We encourage you to take a digital and media detox, slow down a few notches and soak up the incredible surroundings.

Our retreat program is based on the principles set by Saint Vethathiri Maharishi for practice to people of all the ages at all the times. Saint Vethathiri Maharishi teaches the following practices as ‘SKY Yoga’ in order to achieve the harmony through :

1. Simplified Physical Exercises
2. Simplified KayaKalpa Yoga,
3. Simplified Kundalini Meditations,
4. Introspection Techniques

You will visit ashram, which has been promoting yoga for over 50+ years. We will also provide you with opportunities to trace the origins and get insights about yoga through arranged interactions with veteran scholars otherwise called ‘yogis’ who help you towards a better understanding of this discipline.

This beautiful retreat is designed to leave you feeling enlightened, rested and recharged yet serene, with some memorable experiences and valuable tools to take home with you so that your relaxation experience can continue long after your departure.


1 7 Days Beginner
2 14 Days Intermediate
3 21 Days Professional


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